Who Is Afraid of Mauritanian Mohamed Cheikh? It Is About Slavery Not the Prophet!

By Elham Manea - Huffington Post 
You probably did not hear about his case. And if you did, his fate may not have mattered much to you.
His name is difficult any way! Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mkhaitir. How do you pronounce such a name?
And his country? Mauritania! Among the poorest in the Middle East and North Africa. So remote, so poor, so far away.
His charge? Apostasy! Blasphemy. Again.
He was sentenced in December 2014 to death for writing an article that was construed as 'critical of Mohammed', the Prophet of Islam. Today, he awaits his execution.

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Shakak Manteq

Shakak Manteq is from Tehran, Iran and is the founder of Iranian Atheists & Agnostics.