Rex the retired K9 Update

Hello Everyone, Thank you for your continued interest and concern for Rex our recently retired Police K9.

We are evaluating these three rescues:

They are all nonprofits and all NO KILL shelters. The goal is to work with Rex so he can find a permanent home. If family life is a little to stifling for him, all three options have beautiful sanctuaries where he will have lots of room to run and be a dog! The most important thing is that we find the right fit for Rex. The handlers must have complimentary personalities for his temperament and the environment must be an ideal fit for his needs. Once a final decision is made, we will make sure everyone knows, so they can follow his progress and possibly donate to the rescue. Meanwhile, Rex is taking it easy at the Animal Shelter and loves his Scooby snacks!

Celina Espinoza Communications and Community Outreach Director

Albuquerque Police Department

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