Scam of the week

The Albuquerque Police Department and our White Collar Crimes Unit has noticed a recent trend in on-line scams that is becoming more prevalent. Ghost accounts are being set up on Facebook, using real names and pictures of actual accounts. The subject will then send you a “Friend Request”. The individuals are very thorough and they back these profiles up with the persons pictures, name, and other pertinent information. They are stating that you can get money from the World Trade Bank if you just pay a fee. The reason this works is because you actually know the individual, not realizing its a fake account. When you inquire about the free money without sending the fee, they defriend you. Please be aware this is a SCAM and Albuquerque citizens should be very wary of any promise of “free money”.

Tanner Tixier Public Information Officer

Albuquerque Police Department

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