August update: Engagement climbs but we need to grow our funding

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Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

In August,’s website had 25,755 visitors — up from 17,300 the month before. And people are continuing to engage. Our articles about criminal charges against Secretary of State Dianna Duran have been shared on Facebook dozens of times. People have commented on them hundreds of times. My column about Las Crucens needing to come together following recent church bombings was also shared dozens of times, as was a story about anger over the EPA’s spill of toxic waste into the Animas River.

We led the way on several important stories in August. We brought you the most comprehensive coverage of the allegations against Duran. We reported on a potential conflict of interest involving State Auditor Tim Keller. We wrote about the problems on the Navajo Nation resulting from the Animas River spill. We published a number of important stories related to taxes, transparency and public financing of elections in Las Cruces.

I’m excited about our growth and the quality of the discussions we’re having. Thank you for valuing a news organization devoted to nonpartisan, hard-hitting, fair exploration of politics and government that informs and engages.

We have more work to do to make this news organization sustainable. needs to build a larger base of monthly sustainers — donors who sign up to automatically give $10, $20, $50 or another amount each month. We also need one-time donations. Any amount helps! The largest thus far is $1,000 and the smallest is $5.

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