It’s business as usual at the Secretary of State’s Office, chief of staff says

The chief of staff in the Secretary of State’s Office says it’s business as usual there in spite of the fact that the elected official who runs the office, Dianna Duran, is facing criminal charges related to abusing the state’s campaign finance system.

Dianna Duran

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Dianna Duran

“Dianna Duran is still the secretary of state and is in constant contact with the leadership team in conducting the day-to-day operations of the office,” Chief of Staff Ken Ortiz told by email. “The office continues to conduct its daily operations as usual.”

“We have many daily obligations to meet and a good and professional staff focused on completing this work,” Ortiz wrote.

Ortiz didn’t immediately respond to a question about whether Duran is actually in the office or in contact from afar. Reports have suggested she’s not been in the office. reported Tuesday that experts believe the state’s campaign finance information appears to be safe in spite of the fact that Duran is accused of abusing that very system — which her office is in charge of maintaining.

Ortiz also said the system is safe.

“As always, campaign finance and lobbyist report records are submitted and stored electronically in a database. User roles and permissions are in place to appropriately restrict access to these records,” he wrote. “In addition, the system is backed up regularly and an audit trail of record activity is maintained. Also, our office has requested a full database archive be sent to us by the vendor that maintains the system.”

Duran’s attorney hasn’t responded to questions about her current involvement in the work at the secretary of state’s office or a question about whether she’s considering resigning. Duran is facing possible impeachment if she doesn’t resign.

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