Want to see nonprofits’ public records? Search this database

I recently called (with little response) for nonprofits involved in politics in New Mexico to disclose information about their donors. So, maybe that’s not going to happen. But there is a lot of public information — financial and otherwise — about such nonprofits available online.

"We can't stop PAC money," said Heather Ferguson, who manages Common Cause New Mexico's money-in-politics campaigns. But a well-designed public financing can give candidates the tools to engage with voters in a way that keeps them competitive, she said. (photo cc info)

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The database includes financial information about New Mexico nonprofits, including those that are involved in politics and policymaking. (photo cc info)

ProPublica created a database of more than 1.8 million tax returns from nonprofits nationwide. You can find lots of interesting financial information there.

For example, many of you have recently mentioned the Rio Grande Foundation in NMPolitics.net’s Facebook conversations. You can find that nonprofit’s tax returns here.

Others some of you have mentioned include New Mexico Voices for Children and N.M. Communidades en Acción y de Fé. They’re in the database. Click on their names to find their returns.

I can’t find the Southern New Mexico Business Coalition, which I’ve written about, but it’s relatively new and the database currently includes tax returns only through 2013.

There’s other interesting info in the database. If you look at the state comparison of nonprofits you’ll see that New Mexico has a smaller nonprofit sector than most states. The largest nonprofit organization in New Mexico is Presbyterian Healthcare Services, with revenue in 2013 of $1.4 billion.

You can also browse all New Mexico nonprofits in the database.

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