Shame on you

By Arslan Shabbir - AAI 
Aisha was my cousin. She was very fond of singing and by the grace of nature she had an amazing voice.
She was a natural artist. And I remember the day when she ran off from her home and was killed by her husband. She was about to drag the honor of the family into the streets and onto the stage so nobody screamed on her death not even her parents.
A few days later when I told her brother we can raise our voice on her murder and in return he told me that it is Allah's will. Don't you know what Allah's prophet said?
"Any woman who perfumes herself and leaves her home is cursed by the angels and deprived of the blessings of the Almighty Allah until she returns home."
Women are not allowed to go out of the home. They are our honor. And if they cannot respect our honor it is better for them to stay in the grave.
There are a lot of Aisha's in the Muslim world waiting for their independence days. They are waiting for their freedom. They wish that a day should come when people will realize that they are humans not slaves. They wish that a day should come when people will understand that there is no difference between a man and a woman except physical. They wish that a day should come when their brothers will know that an idea can grow up in their sister's minds. They wish that a day should come when their parents will understand that there are emotions beneath their daughter's dresses.

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Shakak Manteq

Shakak Manteq is from Tehran, Iran and is the founder of Iranian Atheists & Agnostics.