Albuquerque Police searching for white Ford Tahoe

BBSNews 2015-04-17 — By Michael Hess. Albuquerque Police are looking for a white Tahoe after an auto break-in at a hotel in the city. The license plate number reportedly associated with this vehicle is 423RYL. If anyone sees the people in this video please call 505-843-STOP with any information.

Thieves broke into a vehicle at a Days Inn on January 2nd with this white Tahoe connected to many other calls throughout Albuquerque. You can see in the video where they creep up, driving slowly looking for a vehicle to hit, in this case for luggage and some sundries. The male driver checks out the vehicle then breaks into a window, grabbing a suitcase making his way back to the Tahoe, a female companion follows him and grabs a bag and a box of sundries.

If you see them cruising around a hotel parking lot or anywhere in the city, call 505-843-7807.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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