Algemeiner: AP Gaza casualty figures discredited

Gaza destruction.

Gaza destruction.

BBSNews 2015-02-16 — By Michael Hess. It’s very sad to see the knee-jerk emotional reactions at Algemeiner and the lack of attention by the “staff” at Algemeiner in an article entitled Analysis: I Don’t Trust the AP’s Report on Civilian Deaths in Gaza and Neither Should You.

The headline itself is misleading as the “analysis” is unsigned and attributed only to “Algemeiner Staff”.

The estimate by the reckoning of this supposed “unbiased” article is 45 dead civilians out of 100. Forty-five percent. The authors? write:

“However, in the Meir Amit center’s January report, they announced that 1,600 of the 2,140 Gazans who were killed have been identified as such: 55% are combatants, and 45% non-combatants.”

So even by that estimate, nearly half of the Palestinians killed by the IDF after Bibi lied Israel and the world into a war over the summer of 2014, were innocent civilians.

Something vastly important to keep in mind is that much of the entire planet, and even a large part of the United States, Israel’s best friend on this planet, are starting to question these deaths and destruction of civilian infrastructure in a conflict that Israel started.

It’s a recurring theme. This is why nearly every journalist on the planet coveering the conflict now writes that the status quo cannot be maintained.

The new UN report will come out on time in March and the ICC is conducting a preliminary examination of the War on Gaza from June 14th, 2014. I suspect that there will be more casualty figures and looks at the destruction of multistory apartment buildings etc – but most importantly, the occupation itself will be on trial because Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Convention applies to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

So instead of trying to rationalize what even by the numbers of the Algemeiner “staff” article says is nearly half the dead killed in a war of choice were innocent civilian Palestinians, it’s long past time for Israel, the occupying country with all of the power to make peace.

The Times of Israel is reporting that Bibi blew a perfect peace deal in 2011, and we all know about the very similar deal by Ehud Olmert in 2008 but he could not deliver.

Americans are getting the news in nearly real time, including Israeli news as well. That includes Haaretz, Yedioth, the Jewish Daily Forward, Mondoweiss, BBSNews, the heartbreaking photo essays here and here on what was done in Gaza in the Washington Post.

There is a problem with ANY casualties as a result of this illegal occupation. It’s a very serious problem when it is the occupying state that committed the original aggression piling on to the problem that Israel has admitted to in “disengaging” from the Gaza Strip was a purposeful effort to put the peace process in “formaldehyde“, to freeze the prospect of peace.


— A version of this article without the links was a comment on the above mentioned Algemeiner article.

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