Complainants against Avadhnama demand India have a blasphemy law

According to dna India, the complainants who filed a case against the Urdu daily Avadhnama demanded that the Indian government introduce a blasphemy law. They made the demand in a press conference held at the Mumbai Press Club.

he complainants spoke to the media after news stories appeared, stating that Shirin Dalvi, the former editor of the paper, was being hounded and targeted. The news stories also said that she had to go under the veil to protect herself from threats.

"In fact it is the employees of the organisation who are victims, have lost their livelihood as the paper shut down. The real issue is about the blasphemous cartoon but it is being made out to be Shirin Dalvi," said Saeed Hameed, resident editor of Shahfat, an Urdu newspaper.

The conference, however, did not feature any employee who is stated to have warned Dalvi for not republishing the Charlie Hebdo caricature of prophet Mohammed.

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Shakak Manteq

Shakak Manteq is from Tehran, Iran and is the founder of Iranian Atheists & Agnostics.