Atheist Alliance International Condemns Brutal Attack in France

In light of the recent terrorist attack in which twelve French journalists were executed by a group of religious  zealots, Atheist Alliance International (AAI) wishes to express its sincere and heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased journalists and staff at Charlie Hébdo.

“These types of attacks are the most extreme expression of the global anti-blasphemy movement. They are trying to suppress criticism of religion by any means necessary,” said AAI president Christine Shellska. “Since they weren’t able to suppress the editorial staff at Charlie Hébdo’s right to free speech via legal harassment, they instead used violence.”

AAI will hold a special edition of its magazine, Secular World, in memory of the newest victims of Islam and to help raise awareness of the dangerous trend that seeks to suppress criticism of Islam by legal (or violent) means in the whole world.

“AAI will keep working against the current line of blasphemy laws that are promoted by different groups around the world that try to use the legal system to silence secular citizens, as is the case in most of the developing world”.

AAI stands in solidarity with Charlie  Hébdo,  and more  broadly,  with  cartoonists, satirists, comedians, journalists and others who endorse freedom of expression – heroes who identify social injustices, uphold human rights via the power of words, and speak truth to power via their art. In the spirit of upholding thebasic human right to freedom of speech, AAI wishes to endorse the Center for Inquiry’s (CFI) initiative to publish one of the images, and invites you to visit their page to view it. Further, the Huffington Post has also published some heartbreaking responses from cartoonists, and we encourage you to  view them here.

“Paraphrasing the words that the French people have taken as their banner,” says Shellska, “let me say, ‘We all are Charlie Hébdo’ ”.

About AAI

Atheist  Alliance  International  (AAI)  is  a  global  alliance  of  atheist/freethought  groups  and  individuals,committed to educating its members and the public about atheism, secularism and related issues.

Atheist  Alliance  International's  vision  is  a  secular  world  where  public  policy,  scientific  inquiry  and education  are  not  influenced  by  religious  beliefs,  but  based  upon  sound  reasoning,  rationality  and evidence.  Atheist Alliance International's mission is to challenge and confront religious faith, to strengthen global atheism by promoting the growth and interaction of atheist/freethought organisations around the world and to undertake international educational and advocacy projects.

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