Albuquerque carjacking suspects arrested, kids taken

BBSNews 2015-01-15 — ALBUQUERQUE. By Tanner Tixier. On Wednesday 1/14/15 at approximately 11:00pm, APD officers arrested 22 year old Jesus Vega and his 35 year old girlfriend Crystal Bainbridge for a brutal carjacking of a 76 year old woman.

On 1/13/15, at approximately 2:15pm, Vega and Bainbridge, who were in a stolen car, followed the 76 year old victim home from a local store. Vega approached the victim in her driveway, under the guise of asking for directions. Vega then punched the victim in the head and pried the car keys out of her hands, taking the victims 2009 Toyota Highlander. The blow to the victims head was so brutal that the victim was transported to a local hospital and treated for a concussion. Also inside the vehicle was the victims purse, containing her wallet and credit cards. Vega and Bainbridge headed to a gas station in order to use the recently stolen credit cards to fill up the gas tank of the stolen car that Bainbridge was driving.

The following day, after a nice relaxing trip to the casino, Vega and Bainbridge were cruising, in their newly obtained Toyota Highlander, at 90 mph on I40. An APD DWI officer spotted the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop and then called for assistance when it was discovered that the license plate on the vehicle had been reported stolen. Southeast graveyard officers arrived on scene and confirmed that the vehicle was also stolen, after checking the VIN. After speaking with detectives, both Vega and Bainbridge gave full confessions about the carjacking.

During the course of the investigation, officers and detectives learned that Bainbridge had left her two children, 14 and 11, at a local motel. Vega confirmed that there was stolen items inside the motel room as well. When officers arrived to check on the children they observed the room to be absolutely filthy and in no condition for children to be living. The children were removed and turned over to CYFD. A search warrant for the room is being obtained. Vega and Bainbridge were booked on numerous felony charges, to include: Armed Robbery, Fraud, Burglary, Unlawful Taking of a Motor Vehicle and Child Abuse.


Source: Tanner Tixier the Public Information officer with the Albuquerque Police Department

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