Why does Benjamin Netanyahu Lie to the World?

Benjamin Netanyahu and his laughable red Line".

Benjamin Netanyahu and his laughable red Line”.

BBSNews 2014-12-23 — By Michael Hess. In the Jerusalem Post today Bibi Netanyahu simply lied in a quote they provided. “Israel faces attacks from Hamas and other terrorist organizations, and we are subject to a diplomatic attack led by the Palestinian Authority which seeks to strip us of our right to defend ourselves and take away our legitimacy to exist.”

This is ludicrous nonsense. It’s bad enough that Israel has managed to label resistance groups “terrorists” (like the French Resistance were “terrorists” to the Germans in the middle of the last century), but then to lie about the facts underlying the extremist tensions brought on by decades of illegal “settlement” (colonization) is simply appalling.

A five year-old can understand it but for some reason Bibi is just too thick-headed to get it. Any people on the entire planet will resist having their land and resources stolen from them at the point of a gun. What makes the United States so involved is that we have supplied to weapons and munitions to kill children in Israel’s pursuit of colonial expansion.

We here in the United States bear a responsibility for allowing this to happen. Now Bibi is crying about the bid by the Palestinians in the Security Council to get this damnable illegal occupation ended and send the 600,000 illegal colonists back to Israel where they belong.

No one is saying a thing about Israel not existing, Benjamin Netanyahu is a cold-hearted liar who is leading the state of Israel to ruin (and trying to take the US with him). Who does he think he is? Vladimir Putin? Bibi (and his predecessors) can just steal land and resources at the point of a gun while Russia has sanctions for doing the same thing?

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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