Sanction Israel Now to Focus Israeli Elections

BBSNews 2014-12-08 — By Michael Hess. The state of Israel must be sanctioned now for its illegal “settlements” (colonies) in time to focus Israeli elections on peace and not continued religious extremism. Israel has been out of control for many years but American politics helps the rogue state avoid sanction for illegal actions that bring war to other Middle East states.

salute-palestineThe latest war on Gaza by Israel was yet another neoconservative wet dream for lover’s of Israel but this time, something changed. The coverage of this latest war was not the glowing, plucky little nation standing up against implacable foes, coverage that Israel is used to, it was coverage of a rout of civilians that resulted in hundreds of dead women and children and a list of War Crimes that would make the most cynical strongman blush.

This took place against a backdrop of decades of illegal settlements that are not innocuous little suburbs with smiling neighbors wanting to invite other neighbors over for a barbeque. Instead they are pockets of extremists who have long used religious myth as a reason to attack Palestinian women and children, and even hundreds years-old olive trees in state sanctioned cynical, criminal, and immoral action such as those when the Taliban blew up 1700 year-old Buddhist statues even before the attacks on the US on September 11th, 2001.

Mullah Mohammed Omar ordered that all vestiges of non-Islamic statues be destroyed and those actions are eerily similar to the “price tag” attacks on Palestinians, who on their own land, are subject to Israeli colonists blowing things up, arsons of buildings and cars, cutting down olive trees with chainsaws, scrawling graffiti, terrorizing schoolchildren on their way to school, yelling ‘death to the Arabs’ and otherwise using terrorism and intimidation to force innocent Palestinians from their land or collectively punish them for having the audacity to want to stay on their own territory.

Sanctions against Israel are the least that the United States could do to refocus Israel’s upcoming elections towards politicians and legislators who will pay more attention to peace and the world’s displeasure with Israel for coming completely unglued and becoming an entity of state terror instead of the long promised democracy that so many nations and people supported in the past.

It’s time for the rule of law to meet and greet extremist politicians like Benjamin Netanyahu. He is hated by successive American administrations because he is arrogant, intransigent, he commits War Crimes and is perfectly happy with the prospect of committing more crimes against a people that were already there when Israel was first created in 1948.

The state of Israel as policy, refuses to let Human Rights bodies do a full and fair examination of War Crimes and Crimes Against humanity in a fashion that would make Slobodan Milosevic flush with pleasure because he never met an Ethnic Cleanser that he did not like. Benjamin Netanyahu presides with pleasure over the concentration camp known as the Gaza Strip. Benjamin Netanyahu is enamored with the idea of a “Greater Israel” just like Milosevic was dewy-eyed over the idea of “Greater Serbia”.

Slobodan Milosevic died before he could be tried for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. Bibi is in good health and should be able to weather a trial for his crimes against the Palestinian people. The state of Israel enjoys a double-standard in international law. Because of religious support from many in America who see Israel as a means to an end, the fabled Second Coming(tm), the state of Israel has skated scot free for its illegal colonization of Palestine at the point of a gun.

The issue here is not that the state of Israel has no right to exist, this is well-settled and the Palestinians have recognized Israel since 1988. The issue is that the state of Israel is not happy with the state that it has, it is using military force, a force that would not be possible without decades of US supplied weapons and munitions, to steal land and resources from the people who were already there when Israel was created in 1948.

Sanctions are the least that the US could do to right a wrong that has been driven by religious extremism in the United States where ironically, these self-proclaimed Israel lovers fully expect that all Jews will either die in the [second] coming conflagration, or that they will convert to Christianity en masse or spend all eternity in the fiery pit. In the US South it is easy to find these people. My own mother, an American Indian, who also near her death believed that all Jews would either convert or go to the fiery pit. And in the same breath she loved the Jews in our family. We just shook our heads in sadness.

There’s something about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that makes otherwise good people go completely insane. It’s bad enough to believe in an imaginary fiery pit but is is unconscionable to believe that an entire people will be sent to their deaths based on extremist religious imagery of the kind that should have long ago disappeared from the fabric of American life.

This same extremism exists in Israel. There are those that believe in “Greater Israel” who will commit any crime to expand the declared state of Israel into an entity that covers Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and parts of Jordan and Iraq. Burning down an olive grove. Torching a mosque. Terrorizing school children. All in the belief that a “god” has ordained their illegal and immoral actions.

President Obama must hold the United States as above this fray or competing extremist religious ideas. The rule of law must for the first time be evenly applied to the state of Israel for the many violations of Article 2, paragraph 4 of the UN Charter. Israel must be held accountable for the violations of Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Conventions nearly 600,000 times.

It should be self-evident to normal people that it is illegal and immoral to steal land and resources from a captive people at the point of a gun. But people who are enthralled with religious imagery, mythical and impossible imagery like there is some “god” somewhere pulling the strings of conflict, must be sidelined with their crazy beliefs.

There is no invisible skydaddy that hands out land deeds to “chosen” people nor is there some “paradise” with 72 virginal houris awaiting yet another kind of religious extremist. To pander to these crazy ideas is tantamount to insanity. There can be no “right” side when the sides are basing their claims on mythical things that do not exist.

Foreign policy cannot be based on myth.

Now is the time for the current US administration to put aside the competing myths, they are imaginary anyway, and apply common sense and the rule of law against Israel’s illegal actions. There is no debate about whether these actions are illegal. It is illegal to steal land and resources at the point of a gun and the United States is embroiled in this mess because of our own religious extremists.

They must be set aside these wingnuts. There is no place in the world for a nation to say that “god” gave me this land and I can kill whoever I want to claim this land for my own because a “god” told me that I could. It is ludicrous to even have to write this down. It is amazing that there are still people on this planet who believe that there is some guy watching you in the shower and at the same time handing out land deeds. This is 2014.

These religious myths were written by people who at the time thought that there was some lamp lighter lighting oil lamps to make stars in the sky. These myths were written by people who did not bathe. They drank self-contaminated water. They thought that bad “spirits” could inhabit people.

It’s way past time to shed all of that claptrap and simply apply the rule of law to end this decades long conflict that makes people insane. It is time to put sanctions on the state of Israel for its illegal colonies. The impunity that Israel has enjoyed has upset the world order. Why should anybody in the Middle East have respect for the rule of law when they can see right before their very eyes that the rule of law is meaningless when it comes to Israel?

Sanctions is the least the US could do because we are complicit in these crimes that Israel has committed. We helped pay for them. Our country has supported Israeli Crimes Against Humanity for quite long enough. This complicity is and has been affecting US National Security. It is hard to get Arab allies when it is our support for Israel’s War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity that has caused so much suffering and war in the region.

Even though the most sensible thing to do would be to stop giving Israel more than $3 Billion dollars a year to commit War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity against innocent women and children, a strong round of sanctions because of Israel’s illegal colonies would be a good place to start righting the wrongs that we as a nation have been complicit in.

Sanction Israel now. Focus their elections on finding peace instead of some extremist wingnut like Moshe Feiglin waiting in the wings for Bibi to exit stage left. For Israel to survive they need someone like Gideon Levy, not some festering sore like Feiglin who looks like he could be a cast member on Stalag 13 in a black SS uniform and has aspirations to match.

Sanction Israel now before they destroy themselves over religious wingnuttery and try to take the United States down with them. US support for Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity has damaged US credibility. We are supposed to stand for Human Rights and the rule of law. Our support of the rogue state of Israel has long called that credibility into question. Sanction Israel now and start working on getting our credibility back before Israel commits such a heinous act that it will be too late to separate ourselves from this reckless rogue nation that has so damaged American credibility.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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