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BBSNews 2014-09-30 — By Michael Hess. On the site, a person calling itself “Israel Shield”, a self-admitted Twitter troll, makes the false claim that Palestine never existed. This is a poor attempt at virtual genocide.

Russell Tribunal Gaza.

Russell Tribunal Gaza.

The story goes, if one can prove that Palestine never existed, then one won’t be Ethnically Cleansing Palestinians from the illegally occupied territories that the state of Israel covets…

It will just be a gentle transfer of people from their own land… In short, this line of reasoning is bogus and troubling, because some are gullible enough to fall for it even though DNA evidence proves that Hebrew and Palestinian genes are intermingled since antiquity.

Presumably this will make some bigots and fans of Ethnic Cleansing sleep at night. In reality, screeds like this are an incitement to genocide, just like the one in the Times of Israel.

And if anyone put up a piece of nonsense like this trying to claim that there was no such thing as a Jew it would rightfully not last five minutes.

Jewish Press should be ashamed to be hosting this clear, and juvenile, call for a genocide of a people. It is a pitifully poor excuse for an article and does nothing towards a durable Two State Solution(tm).

This is simply a call to violence. It is immoral and wrong. If this writer wants to eliminate Palestine then change the Israeli declaration of independence. It clearly states that Israel was created in PALESTINE.

There is also this inexplicable caveat in the comment section:

“If you promote any foreign religions, gods or messiahs, lies about Israel, anti-Semitism, or advocate violence (except against terrorists), your permission to comment may be revoked.”

The people that run this site are obviously disturbed. There’s no telling what violence they might get up to. And they are against Jesus Christ or any religion other than their twisted version of Judaism. I am an atheist but I can clearly see that these people are no different than any garden variety extremist sect of Islam that preaches the same crappola. They host a call to disappear millions of people and they are doing it under an extremist brand of “Judaism”.

In the comment section there are some dupes, some gullible people, that believe this garbage. For instance, a poster named “Jean Perles” wrote repetitive hate speech in all CAPS, so you know it must be good:


This is the type of ignorance, based on religion that is mangled beyond belief, that is the cause of genocides. The bottom line is clear. There is a growing attempt on the part of extremist Israeli sympathizers to condone a genocide of an entire people. This is a direct result of Benjamin Netanyahu and the leadership of the terrorist Likud.

It is being waged by people who are ignorant of reality. Historic Palestine was not empty. The people who were there in 1948 at the founding of the modern state of Israel have legal rights to their land and resources.

The occupations of the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza are illegal and must end for there to be a durable and just peace. People who attempt to incite genocide are dangerous. They need to be investigated to see where their money is going. Are they bankrolling illegal settlers and their “price tag” attacks?

What kind of monsters advocate for the disappearance of millions of people? As I have written before, in this latest War On Gaza by Israel, who were the innocent civilians being killed by the IDF, Martians?

No one would stand for a call to eliminate Jews, the phrase “Never Again” comes to mind. So some idiot that calls itself “Israel Shield” in an effort to effect a genocide of millions of people who were already there and their descendants after 1948, should be shouted down at every opportunity lest people who should know better try and act on the insanity that this “Israel Shield” troll espouses on Twitter and Jewish Press.

It is abominable hate speech and has no business in civilized discourse.

This type of incitement certainly does nothing to promote peace and the Two State Solution(tm). Indeed, it is the idiocy of people who call themselves “Israel Shield” that is making the dreaded One State Solution(tm) a de facto reality and ensuring that Israel will enter into a fully-fledged Apartheid from the current Apartheid that the state of Israel already imposes on the Palestinians that they have controlled for generations under the illegal occupations, the indigenous people of Historic Palestine.

It won’t work. Billions of people around the planet understand that there most certainly are Palestinians and the state of Israel is working by hook or by crook to steal the remaining 22% of historic Palestine and institute Ethnic Cleansing as a national policy in the event of the fruition of the Two State Solution(tm).

Civilized people do not call for the elimination of an entire people. It is a monstrous call to genocide and must be stopped by all good people of conscience. Instead of peace, this is what the wretched Benjamin Netanyahu inspires among his followers, incitement to genocide.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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