The many headline expressions of war

BBSNews 2014-09-22 — By Michael Hess. For good or bad, President Obama has proceeded with airstrikes in Syria with little evidence of a strong coalition to this phase of what portends to be another U.S. led Middle Eastern war.

Purported image of an IS looking like person and a hostage. Accessed: 2014-09-22.

Purported image of an IS looking like person and a hostage. Accessed: 2014-09-22.

What first struck me when I started looking for sources to write about this bad news, were the headlines. Many times it seems that headlines about various U.S. wars are homogeneous and ultra-patriotic. So this piece is intended to record the headlines on this day, at the start of this now U.S. led war in Syria, against a both shadowy and showy foe, that tell a story of their own.

These headlines and blurbs you can easily find through a search and they come from the most well known players in the information delivery business:

Obama taking case for strikes against Islamic State to UN
Syrian opposition leader: We are not joining the coalition against Islamic State …
Syrian opposition urges airstrikes against IS
Syrian Opposition Leader Calls on US to Strike Militants From Air
The Pentagon says US and partners begin airstrikes in Syria
US, Arab Allies Strike ISIS in Syria
US begins airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria
US airstrikes in Syria signal a new battlefield
US airstrikes on Islamic State targets start
US opens news front against Islamic State with airstrikes in Syria
“It is shock, without the awe”
Kerry blames Islamic State, Assad for ‘barbarism’ of heritage sites
Islamic State message shows desire for US boots on the ground
Arab partners helping in strikes in Syria, US official says
Islamic State offensive poses problems for Turkey
Algerian militants threaten to kill hostage unless French stop bombing ISIS
ISIS, ISIL, or Islamic State? France Starts Calling Terror Group ‘Daesh’
GOP Rep. Peter King: ‘Really Important’ for U.S. to ‘Support the President’ on ISIS …
Why Did Congress Kick The Can On Funding Islamic State Mission?
Obama Alerts Leading Supporters on Capitol Hill of ISIS Airstrikes in Syria
FBI watching some Americans who returned from Syria conflict
Some Radicalized Americans Who Joined ISIS Have Returned to U.S., Officials
Congress didn’t authorize war, but we’re in one now in Syria

It seems as if no modern U.S. President can stay out of war in the Middle East no matter how hard they try.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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