Meet Benjamin Netanyahu: Self Admitted War Criminal

BBSNews 2014-08-24 — By Michael Hess. Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, has admitted to the world that he intends on committing War Crimes. After destroying yet more civilian infrastructure, and apartment high-rises and businesses in Gaza with a negligible, if any, credible military gain, Benjamin Netanyahu admitted during a cabinet meeting that he intends to commit further War Crimes in Gaza as did his predecessor Ehud Olmert during Cast Lead I.

According to Reuters Bibi said:

“I call on the inhabitants of Gaza to evacuate immediately from every site from which Hamas is carrying out terrorist activity. Every one of these places is a target for us,” Netanyahu said in public remarks at a cabinet meeting.

The obvious problem here is that Hamas is not an actual terrorist organization. Well, I guess it is if you include the French Resistance… It is primarily a humanitarian organization with an armed wing that fights against the illegal occupation and siege in unconventional ways, of its own land, by the occupier state Israel. Israel knows this as does Bibi personally. The U.S. government knows this as well. Hamas is a localized group of people with barely an ability to pose a threat and certainly not an existential threat. That is the stuff of paranoid fantasy.

They have no air force, navy, tanks, heavy weapons, they certainly don’t have nukes.

They have kitchen made shoulder carried rockets that are a nuisance but not a credible existential threat, and personal firearms, and rocks.

This against the most technologically U.S. equipped army and air force in the Middle East and Israel has nukes! It is innocent Palestinians here under threat. And Israel is causing the threat by its illegal occupations that it has been allowed to conduct of the Occupied Palestinian Territories over decades. Every American would resist.

In short, every civilian is now a target in Gaza by Israeli “defense” forces. There is no where for any innocent people to go because Israel holds the Gaza Strip as the largest open-air concentration camp on the planet and it’s one of the most densely populated places on the planet. You couldn’t wave a dead cat without hitting a civilian and half of them are kids.

Collective punishment is a grave War Crime and this is an admission to the world by the leader of the state of Israel that he intends this as an official policy.

This admission now changes things. Back on August 4th John Cassidy for The New Yorker pointed out that at that time:

The Israeli government firmly denies that it has targeted civilians, engaged in collective punishment, or used disproportionate force.

This has now changed. Benjamin Netanyahu is now a self-admitted War Criminal and as the leader of Israel and the extremist terrorist group the Likud, he has led Israel into yet further doom under international law.

Benjamin Netanyahu has now said directly to civilians, “don’t be around Hamas in the tiny prison my government has created for you or I will kill you.”

It is now up to President Obama to either admit that international law means nothing where Israel is concerned or to finally let the United Nations do its work and investigate the full facts and publish the conclusion.

Yes, the United States will be implicated in these admitted War Crimes but that is because our country has given material support to these terrorists of Israel, it was done in our name, who are killing civilians in a cynical and immoral collective punishment of people who are simply fighting to get the brutal occupier out of their country for good. Like the French Resistance during World War Two.

No American would do otherwise if we were occupied by a brutal and murderous occupier bent on stealing our land and resources and killing off entire families and making hundreds of thousands homeless and destroying civilian’s infrastructure on a regular basis.

Benjamin Netanyahu and his henchmen, and the state of Israel, must be held responsible and if the President of the United States wants to provide a true game changer in the Middle East, he should hit the dead-end people that make up the Al Qaeda wannabes IS, and at the same time hold Israel responsible for the damage it has caused, and continues to cause, to American interests as well as the human rights interests of the Palestinians who were there before Israel was plunked down amongst them against their will.

No American should stand for this being done under our name by Bibi Netanyahu. This man publicly extorts members of our government in Congress by asking them, imploring them, to protect Israel from investigation of War Crimes. He tried to influence the last U.S. presidential election. There must be justice for true peace.

But the entire world would be behind striking IS a mortal blow before they do any more damage and at the same time for the first time, finally, and without reservation, holding Israel responsible for the terrorism it has caused in the region and around the world because of its illegal colonies and collective punishment of a captive and subjugated people in a perversion of morality and just plain right in the world. Might does not make right and the Palestinians have the rule of law on their side.

To strike a decisive blow against terror in all of its forms IS, Bashar al Assad and Syria, and Benyamin Netanyahu and Israel must all be held accountable or we are going to wind up in the midst of an Israeli inspired nuclear war.

The accountability must begin now and President Obama should make that Nobel Peace Prize mean something. It will lend an incredible amount of legitimacy in the Middle East (and the wider world for that matter, we are ridiculed because of the belief by most of the planet that the U.S. is controlled by Israel) to U.S. prestige.

Hamas has agreed to investigations by the International Criminal Court. Mahmoud Abbas should be encouraged by the United States to act under and join in on the Rome Statute. President Obama should bite the bullet and let these investigations proceed even though he knows that the United States will be implicated as well.

It is time for us to take responsibility and prevent the further spread of this pernicious cancer of terrorism in the Middle East with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at its heart.

Syria’s Assad thinks he is as invulnerable as Netanyahu, President Obama should be implored to change this mistaken assumption on both their parts; the world will be much safer after there is a regime change in Israel as well as Syria and the dead-end group IS is stopped in its tracks.

It should be a tri-cornered effort against IS, Israel and Syria.

Since the United States is being forced towards war, and this time for real reasons, it had better be a definitive victory and that means Israel must be brought to justice as well.

Impunity from the rule of international law is fueling this extremism from Israel and IS. Both must be stopped under the rule of law. And President Obama must stop Netanyahu’s planned One State Solution(tm) that fully implements Israeli Apartheid.

The time is now. Before it is too late.

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Michael Hess

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