Israel Kills Four Kids Playing on Gaza Beach

Credit: Ma'an Images

Credit: Ma’an Images

BBSNews 2014-07-16 — By Michael Hess. The attack on Gaza is already morally awkward for Israel since it was the state entity that brought this latest bout of fighting as it has so many others. Israel is originally responsible in all these incidents because the rogue state has illegally transferred its citizens, officially, to areas OUTSIDE of Israel. Human rights groups and the United Nations were already pointing out that Israel’s actions in this latest cynically named eruption of fighting called “Operation Protective Edge” are illegal in various cases. No amount of resistance by those under occupation who are having their land and resources stolen from them in broad daylight, while the world watches, can absolve Israel from the crimes it is committing and the original Crime Against Humanity of violating Article 49 of the Fourth Geneva Conventions thereby creating this obviously foreseeable violence in the first place.

Maan News reports:

Israeli raids on Gaza on Wednesday afternoon killed nine Palestinians, including five children, bringing the total number of Palestinians slain in nine day of Israeli assault to 215.

Four children were killed when Israeli forces shelled a beach they were playing on in Gaza City on Wednesday, medics said, in an incident witnessed by AFP journalists.

All four were on the beach when the attack took place, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qidra said, with several injured children taking refuge at a nearby hotel where journalists were staying.

They were reportedly attacked by Israeli naval boats, witnesses told Ma’an, and were members of the same family.

The thing is, this has happened before. Israel’s actions against Gazans are and have been horrific for a very long time, decades. They cover it up with flawed “internal” investigations and Hasbara to try and explain things away that to innocent eyes, looks heinous on the part of the Israeli Defense Force.

Consider that when this happened in 2006, when artillery shelling by Israel of a north Gaza City beach killed seven members of one family, and Israel is still denying that it fired the shells that killed and innocent Palestinian family and injured to other family members. Human Rights Watch reported in 2006:

According to witnesses, the Ghalya family went to the beach on June 9 for a family outing. After shells fell nearby, the father, `Ali, hurriedly gathered his family together and called for a car. An explosion then occurred in the middle of the family group.

“Their legs I could see inside. Their intestines I could see spilling out,” said Mohammed Sawarka, 28, who rushed to the scene to help. “A 1-month-old child was dead inside its carriage.” He also found a hand in the sand. Doctors at the Shifa Hospital corroborated this testimony.

Amani Ghalya, 22, suffered severe abdominal injuries and lost her arm. Her sister, Latifa, 7, has brain damage. Both were still in the intensive care unit on Sunday, June 11. Their mother Hamdia, 40, `Ali’s second wife, suffered a compound fracture and lost a chunk of flesh in her arm. She also pointed to shrapnel wounds to her abdomen and upper leg.

Now bear in mind the timeline here in 2006. HRW reported the above on June 14th, 2006. The so-called unilateral “disengagement” happened in 2005 on August 15th. The Palestinians held elections at the behest of Bush Jr and Condi who dragged Ariel Sharon along kicking and screaming and when Hamas won in January 2006 and Ismail Haniyah formed a new government in February 2006 the Muslim world then knew that democracy was nothing but a joke.

The election(s) were met with savagery by Israel who promptly arrested most of the newly elected legislators and did their best, and still are, to end Palestinian unity or a way forward for the Palestinians to get their land back and get Israel to stay in the country it has managed to get (78% of historic Palestine) and leave them alone in the paltry 22% left for them.

This artillery shelling from 2006 Israel still denies but they have to, they know that it was followed ten days later by Hamas kidnapping Gilad Shalit. Now, once again the pattern repeats itself. Israel is stealing land and resources and needs the Palestinians split up, with Hamas being their Bad Guy(tm).

But this time, eight years later, the world has had a chance to see for itself what an illegal occupation of an indigenous people, in a bid to steal their land and resources and somehow even get rid of them, causes. It causes the deaths of innocent women and children by a “belligerent” occupier state hellbent on stealing all of Palestine and portions of several other countries.

What will this latest beach killing unleash? What depths of depravity will Israel now sink to?

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