Democrats Should Boycott GOP Benghazi Sham Trial

BBSNews 2014-05-08 — By Michael Hess. Ever since Barack Obama was elected president of the United States Republicans have done everything they can do to thwart anything that the duly elected President has tried to do to further the country’s prosperity and end the Republican caused economic crisis. In other words, the Bush Depression based upon voodoo economics since even before Ronald Reagan, the dubious GOP saint.

President Obama’s two terms in office have been remarkably scandal free where other modern presidents have found themselves in hot water, especially during the second term, and usually there’s at least something more than smoke. During President Obama’s time in office there has been surprising little smoke, if any.

Nevertheless, the ‘bagger led GOP has done their best to create scandals where there are none, these wingnuts are aided by the Faux News echo chamber and to a lesser extent right wing blowhard charlatans such as Limbaugh. While Tea Party partisans are supposedly on the wane, the establishment Republicans have gotten so screwy they are hardly distinguisable from each other.

And so we come to Benghazi. Most Americans I talk to say “Who’s Ben Ghazi”? They are clueless about the cries from the right about Benghazi and think it’s a person rather than a place… Of course the Republican extremist base is fired up about it though because in their unabashed hatred of President Obama, the black man in the White House, they will grasp at any straw to try and tarnish President Obama and Hillary Clinton and her lock on the US presidency in 2016.

And of course there’s the odious fund-raising. As the ‘bagger led GOP piously cries about the deaths of four Americans (they were nowhere to be found during Bush junior’s tenure in far worse embassy incidents), the National Republican Congressional Committee is not only sending out blatant partisan emails asking for money, they have already prejudged an outcome. The Speaker of the House John Boehner sees nothing wrong with the clearly crass fund raising.

The pick for the committee chairman gives the entire game all by itself. Selecting Trey Gowdy, a Tea Party hyperpartisan from South Carolina (not a bastion of objective national thought) who has shown clown-car wingnut tendencies multiple times, is a dead giveaway as to the extremist nature of this proceeding. This Bhengazi witch hunt stacked seven to five in favor of Republicans is a typical GOP cynical partisan attempt to use the deaths of four Americans in a war zone as political fodder to fire up the ‘bagger led GOP base leading up to the mid-terms. The ‘bagger led GOP is thinking that beating the dead dog of Ben Ghazi will be good for them not only in the upcoming mid-terms but also in 2016.

After the interminable farce of Darrell Issa who Republicans have now thrown under the bus by calling for this Select Committee, the American people will now be treated to another wingnut clown show that will play round the clock on Faux News and get mainstream media coverage because they have a vested interest (profit) to pretend there is a political horse race, and the more it is represented as even so much the better. This dilutes the reality that the ‘bagger led GOP has been 100% the problem and responsible for holding this country back all because of their intense hatred for the black man in the White House.

Democrats should boycott this witch hunt as the farce that it is. Let the ‘bagger led GOP who show up talk to themselves and the Faux News echo chamber, it will get boring very quickly since there is no there there and wingnuts are not all that entertaining anyway after watching their foolishness the first time with Issa.

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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