Israeli Incitement Against Peace Reaches Rampant Levels

BBSNews 2014-01-05 — By Michael Hess. To hear Bibi tell it, Israel is a completely innocent country with no anti-Arab incitement and its hands are as clean as the snow is white yet it is those pesky Palestinians who are on the verge of sinking peace talks with what Bibi claims as incitement.

Then along comes the illegal Israeli settlement enterprise with a new incitement campaign directed at US Secretary of State John Kerry called “Porcu-Shine”.

In a poor quality Youtube video the illegal colonizers known as “settlers” within Israel have created a video devoted to making a fool out of John Kerry and his efforts.

In the setup for the video a man is in a bathroom and he runs out of toilet paper. Along comes an actor supposed to resemble John Kerry who says:

“To help him, Kerry, wearing gloves, holds up a porcupine.

He tells the man, ‘We have a solution for you: Porcu-shine. Provides you with a thorough and refreshing cleaning.’

Then he advises, ‘Wipe, don’t gripe.’

The group of illegal colonizers also offers two other animated videos postulating American foreign policy “failures” in a further attempt to damage US-Israeli relations.

“John Kerry’s policies have failed in Syria and Iran and it is going to fail here as well,” said Yigal Delmonti of the Council of Jewish Communities of Judea and Samaria.

The council said, “Our deep friendship with the US does not obligate us to cave under pressure and to accept solutions that would endanger the state of Israel.”

An extreme irony given that John Kerry and the United States through the efforts of the Obama administration are trying to save Israel from itself and that almost all of Israel’s problems with foreign policy, and there is no shortage of them, is almost entirely due to illegal “settlers” and the illegal colonies.

Bibi has long cried wolf about Palestinian “incitement” just like his plaintive cries about Iran’s non-existant bomb. Again, an extreme irony given that the Iranians long ago signed the NNPT (Israel has not), they are under inspections, (Israel is not), they have no bomb, and Israel has about 200 (undeclared) nukes with which they threaten Iran with on a daily basis.

Gideon Levy in his ever so eloquent way wrote in Haaretz recently:

“The real incitement is denial of the Nakba; the real incitement is demonization and dehumanization of the Palestinians; the real incitement is the militarism, victimization and arrogance of the “Chosen People,” including Holocaust studies for six-year-olds that is designed to give the impression that the whole world is against us.

The real incitement is that which will never acknowledge the context and motive behind Palestinian hatred. They don’t need lessons in school in order to hate Israelis – it’s enough for them to wake up terrified in the middle of the night to see soldiers brutally intrude their homes, bully their parents and degrade them in front of their eyes. Those are their real inciters.”

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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