Will Israel Strike Syria for President Obama?

The Syrian Civil War. Image Credit HRW.

The Syrian Civil War. Image Credit HRW.

BBSNews 2013-05-15 — By Michael Hess. The Daily Beast points towards a New York Times Report proclaiming that Israel may attack Basher al Assad’s Syria and bring down his government if he uses proxies or outright retaliates for Israel’s unprovoked attacks on his country. Syria is embroiled in an increasingly bloody civil war in the midst of which, Israel attacked twice in recent weeks purportedly to keep weapons out of the hands of Hezbollah.

The problem is that regardless of the pretext, Israel’s attacks are an overt act of war against the state of Syria; as odious and cruel as Syria under Assad is. And in that context, not only are Israel’s actions an overt act of war, the tiny client state of the United States attacked from a third country: Lebanon. There’s been no real word yet how Russia feels about it’s client state of Syria being attacked in this way.

Except that apparently there is feverish overt and behind the scenes machinations working to prevent Russia from providing “game changing” S-300 anti-aircraft capabilities to Syria because of course that would seriously hamper any effort by either Israel to attack further or the possible imposition of a no-fly zone over Syria possibly through a combination NATO/Turkey/US coalition.

This is all done against a back-drop of the fact that Israel illegally holds and has “annexed” the Golan Heights, and a whole host of groups and Assad’s Syria have now come out and said they are ready to wage war against Israel, for the Golan, and they are ramping up for a fight on the southern front.

It remains to be seen what the Obama administration knows or has engineered behind the scenes. But using the Golan as a pretext, the United States may well be content in letting Israel “protect itself” or exercise “self-defense”, of land that it does not legally own and never will own, and it would surely be convenient to let Israel carry the water.

It would relieve the Obama administration of yet another headache what with its full plate of made up “scandals” fomented by a thoroughly unhappy and frustrated ‘bagger led GOP and it would give them and Faux News a pretty ‘shiny object’ to focus on for at least a little while.

And Israel needs a pretext to give the smack down to those pesky ICC seeking, Palestinian State wanting, Nakba mourning Palestinians. It’s a tailor made excuse all the way around.

And what’s a few more dead bodies for either side, either the US or Israel? It’s just Syria after all. There’s not even a thought of Lebanese state sovereignty; and Syria’s civil war is getting so devastatingly brutal who would care if Assad is removed by a country that wants to hold onto illegally gotten booty? And the Palestinians they always get screwed anyway.

However, with both China and Russia playing roles this time, there is no sure outcome as there was say during Cast Lead in Gaza. Or Israel staging attacks on Syria using Lebanon’s airspace and attacking from Lebanon’s airspace.

This time geopolitics in the region and beyond could be so seriously destabilized in ways that could be so fraught with negative blowback that it is impossible to game out the consequences. Regardless, the United States will be blamed for the actions of Israel.

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Michael Hess

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