Poor John Kerry, Peace Effort with Israel is Doomed

Secretary of State John Kerry and Mahmoud Abbas.

Secretary of State John Kerry and Mahmoud Abbas.

BBSNews 2013-05-01 – By Michael Hess — Good luck John. Of course what you will find is that no matter what you do, the Israelis do not want an end to this conflict. They want all of the land, they want all of the resources, and they want the Palestinians – not so much.

The Arab Peace Initiative (API) has long promised everything the Israelis ever claimed to want for over a decade. I have been writing about the ‘Saudi Plan’ since 2002. Ehud Olmert almost embraced it and the Israelis went haywire, beware of Tzipi Livni…

Since the API really only requires Israel to do one simple set of things; follow international law, and international human rights law, UN resolutions and prior agreements, it’s just never going to happen.

I wish it were so, but it is not going to happen, read the Likud Platform, there will be no Palestinian state. The Israelis instead have their heart set on ‘Eretz Israel’. They will never admit that they have been wrong even as the Palestinians have long done so.

They will never relinquish East Jerusalem even though they would have to for a viable and durable peace deal and it is crucial. And they won’t even agree to a pittance of a small number of Palestinians being able to return to their homes wrested away from them in 1948 in that ethnic cleansing.

If you can get them to stop building the illegal “settlements” long enough to even get to negotiations you would be a miracle worker Secretary Kerry.

A decade ago I thought there was a chance that there were enough Israelis who wanted peace and that there would be a chance at a Two State Solution. I wish there was a chance Secretary Kerry, but the Israelis will never go for it. The de facto outcome is of course the dreaded One State Solution(tm).

Israel will become a fully-fledged Apartheid state, the conflict will continue, the killing and the Apache helicopters, the F-16’s and the night raids in the West Bank and the White Phosphorous, the fleshettes, the use of “johnnys”; all by the IDF will continue and the United States will pay for it with military hardware, supplying the arms, supplying the methods and tools of the deaths, supplying the UN Security Council vetoes years after your efforts have failed.

I’m sorry for you John. Bless their little hearts…

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Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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