Was Rick Warren’s Son Matthew Gay?

Matthew Warren, son of Rick Warren, "mega-pastor".

Matthew Warren, son of Rick Warren, “mega-pastor”.

Although it is purely speculation, the suicide death of this twenty-seven year-old young man soon after a “fun evening” with his mother and father just does not compute. Especially with the reports from his father of Matthew being so in touch with others who were hurting he would make a “beeline” for them. The main description of Matthew seems to be that he was extremely empathetic to others who may have had issues of their own.

Not that being gay is an issue – unless of course you are the son of a so-called “mega-pastor” who absolutely hates gay people. That might then be a big issue, and it is not unheard of that a gay son, so shamed by the attitude of an especially famous and over-bearing father, would kill himself.

If this young man was struggling with mental illness, how did he get a gun? Why did he have a gun? Is it common for young men with mental illness to have guns? I wonder if there is any move to actually look at some common sense laws to prevent mentally ill people from having guns? No, I don’t think so. Religious folks, especially uber rich don’t want any silly laws restricting access to guns – even from the mentally ill.

Rick Warren, I won’t call him pastor because he is nothing but a bigot, is quite the controversial figure when it comes to gay rights. I do not have any trouble imagining him as an over-bearing religious whacko telling his son that “he will not come out” because it would negatively affect his religious empire.

I have no evidence of this, it is simply speculation, but I have witnessed this same kind of thing countless times over the years, and my gaydar is going ding ding ding and I’m not even gay.

In an article from November 2012, Think Progress wrote the following:

“Warren has a long history of opposing marriage equality. Four years ago, he defended his support of California’s Proposition 8 by claiming that same-sex marriage is ‘equivalent’ to incest, pedophilia, and polygamy. He also claimed that gays are ‘evil’ and have ‘Christ-o-phobia.'”

This type of bigot would have no use for a gay son. Every fiber of my being is telling me there is more to this than simply calling Matthew “mentally ill”.

Michael Hess

Michael Hess

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