Misunderstood Budgets Threaten America’s Future

Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.

Senator Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader.

The US Senate passed a budget that the ‘bagger led GOP hates today in a vote of 50-49, largely along party lines (what else is new). Four Democrats sold their votes to what Reuters claimed as “tough re-election campaigns” which actually translates into protecting Americas wealthiest at the expense of America’s Middle Class, they joined all of the Senate Republicans in voting against the measure.

The Democratic budget seeks to close loopholes that America’s wealthiest use to feather their nests of inequity at the expense of America’s poor. A competing budget that the ‘bagger led GOP has on offer is the same old piece of class warfare GOP House legislation that had already been passed, and then passed on, by the American people when President Obama was resoundingly reelected in 2012.

The House budget chairman Paul Ryan’s legislation that pushes Grandma over the cliff right along with the US poor and Middle class was earlier this week passed by the US House.

Neither budget is currently expected to go any further, largely because many Red State Americans would vote against their own interests and reward America’s richest, because to do otherwise would make President Obama’s long running fight against the ‘bagger led GOP a win, and those who hate the black man in the White House are still fixated on President Obama being a “one-term President”.

Apparently, the GOP still thinks they can win last year’s general election. (It’s over, they should get over themselves and their hatred).

It is an ideological fight as nearly every objective observer has noted even though it would hurt many of those most vocally supporting it amongst America’s poorest states, the Red States. The Democratic vision is an America that works, through immediate programs to put Americans back to work, protecting the poorest among us, and bolstering America’s failing Middle Class that has fallen behind due to GOP obstructionism over the last thirty years.

The ‘bagger led GOP notion is to use fear and smear, through a megaphone of Faux News and Limbaugh loving rhetoric, to scare some Americans into believing this country is broke (it’s not) and that President Barack Obama is some sort of phantom bent on turning the US into a ‘Muslim socialist caliphate’ (he’s not).

They want to gut America’s social safety net, cripple America’s Medicare and Medicaid insurance programs and destroy the Social Security insurance program by privatizing it even though Social Security has nothing to do with the debt, it is solvent, and it could easily be fixed by one essential change alone: raising the current cap to about $250,000 from the current cap of about $115,000.

Many Americans have been fooled by Faux News type rhetoric that uses code words and phrases like “entitlements” and “job creators” even though both are misinformation at best, and lies at worst. The Big Three, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are financed by every American who pays for them out of every pay check. They are insurance. They are paid for by everyone except the richest among us who hide their money offshore or use tax loopholes to pay little to no tax.

The phrase “job creators” is a made up phrase pushed by the wingnut talking head chattering class on misinformation cable networks and bought and paid for infotainment “news” that is not real news at all. No business or corporation creates jobs out of the goodness of their greedy little hearts. Jobs are created by a demand for a product or service.

America’s businesses are doing just fine, the problem is that America’s consumers are largely broke, and since about 70% of the US economy is driven by consumerism, no one is hiring because their are so few Americans besides the richest who are able to buy.

The GOP budget model ensures this sad state of affairs would continue. The Democratic led vision ensures America’s Middle class and even the poorest among us would be able to at least sustain themselves as well as driving up more demand, creating jobs as the Middle Class has always done, and pay more taxes which translates into more revenue because more Americans would have employment and be able to pay taxes.

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Michael Hess

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